Stimulating Young Minds for Innovation Economy

Edutech brings innovation in education to the region with the launch of Edutech STEM+ Studio during the 8th Edition of GESS – 2015
UAE, February 21st, 2015 – Edutech, a leading provider of learning solutions and services, announced that the visitors of upcoming GESS 2015 have an opportunity to experience its revolutionary learning solution, the Edutech STEM+Studio. Bearing in mind the Country’s vision, Edutech will be providing free workshops on Robotics, 3D Printing, Renewable Energy, Electronics, Coding, Science Experiments, during the event. The Edutech STEM+ Studio is an exciting place where the participants, design, play, make, hack and learn to develop their ideas, creativity, innovation and design thinking, using interesting physical and digital materials.

According to Shameema Parveen, CEO of Edutech, as the country is celebrating 2015 as the “Year of Innovation” and is moving towards ‘Innovative Economy’, it will require citizens not only with STEM subject skills but what we call STEMcapableTM talent that can generate ideas, increase research and development, address difficult challenges, increase job opportunities, leading to national growth and leadership in the global marketplace.
The first centre of Edutech STEM+ Studio launched at Children’s City in association with Dubai Municipality in 2014. With its roaring success, Edutech STEM+ Studio has been appointed by Al Bayt Mitwahid in association with Google and Teacher’s Association, RAK to implement and manage “Innovation Hub” at Teacher’s Association in Ras Al Khaimah to promote STEM education in Northern Emirates. Our partnership in Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2014 as local content partner witnessed huge response not only from students but from parents joining in STEM workshops with their children in promoting science for all. 
With the Edutech STEM+ Studio, participants can engage in informal projects, attend Interactive workshops, prepare for national and international competitions, and foster their curiosity in the growing areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) under the guidance of expert and passionate facilitators. Edutech has designed various theme based exciting programs, such as Up in the clouds, Robots in our life, Print your imagination, Playful programing among the few, used for school visits, after-school activity, summer / winter camps. The studio offers opportunities for the hobbyist, learner, tinkerer, maker and dreamer to engage in their curious ideas and see it come to life. The Edutech STEM+ Studio promotes real-time collaboration and improves interaction levels, which can significantly boost participant outcomes.
Mr. Karim, Founder and Managing Director at Edutech says, “In Edutech STEM+ Studio we encourage learners to STAY CURIOUS by continuing their learning out of classrooms and schools through hands-on and technology based activities for creating, making, tinkering, and learning. Edutech’s association with VEX Robotics brings an opportunity for Emirati students to compete with their skills at international platform. Mr. Ayman Naggar from Omar Bin Al Khattab Model School, who is currently preparing his students to take part in VEX Robotics UAE Championship is confident of showcasing Emirati Skills at 2015 VEX Robotics World Championship which will take place on April 15 – 18, 2015 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Ky.”
In addition to the Edutech STEM+ Studio, this year marks the 25th year of Edutech since its inception in 1991. Bringing innovation to the forefront, Edutech celebrates 25 years of transforming education, contributing effective learning methodologies, revolutionising the educational sector in this region.