HBMeU Celebrates Launch of “Dimensions of Money Laundering” Book by Dr. Ibrahim Mahmood Bin AbdulRahman

Book represents in-depth research on the economic, social, security and strategic dimensions of money laundering
Dubai, UAE, June 9, 2013 – Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University (HBMeU) recently celebrated the launch of a book authored by Dr. Ibrahim Mahmood Bin AbdulRahman, HBMeU Vice-Chancellor, entitled “Dimensions of Money Laundering”. Published by Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP), the book is of particular importance as it represents as an in-depth research aimed at enriching the learning process and promoting knowledge awareness by shedding light on the economic, social, security and strategic dimensions of money laundering which represents a real threat to global economic development and related policies.

The English-language book discusses money laundering from an analytical perspective based on qualitative research to integrate western methodologies on one hand and the current Middle East data on the other. In his new book, Dr. Ibrahim Mahmood Bin AbdulRahman sheds light on the concept of knowledge development related to money laundering, which is radically different from other knowledge development methodologies adopted by Western countries, as it goes beyond the typical learning module to reach a higher level of expertise integration and therefore leads to development of comprehensive knowledge.
Dr. Mansoor Al Awar. Chancellor, regards the new book by Dr. Ibrahim Mahmood Bin AbdulRahman as a significant addition to the international library, featuring extensive research based on the scientific and logical analysis of the various dimensions of money laundering, while comparing the current data of the Middle East with the western methodologies. Dr. Al Awar believes that the successful launch of the book reflects the high level of leadership and excellence achieved by HBMeU in equipping the academic and scientific community with world-class publications and research papers.
“Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University is proud of Dr. AbdulRahman’s new book which is strategically important at the regional and global levels. We are confident that ‘Dimensions of Money Laundering’ will serve as a great step forward in pursuit of our vision to raise the bar of learning and knowledge as a cornerstone for building a better nation and to ensure well-being, growth and development,” said Dr. Al Awar. 
 Dr. Ibrahim Mahmood Bin AbdulRahman

Dr. Ibrahim Mahmood Bin AbdulRahman is one of the leading personalities in the academic community and the police department. A Ph.D. in international public law, Bin AbdulRahman has been a recipient of several awards that recognise his outstanding achievements, including the Loyal Service Award by the late H.H. Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum; “Excellent Service Award” by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai; “Sheikh Rashid Educational Award” and many more. Dr. Bin AbdulRahman is the current Vice-Chancellor of Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University and is enlisted as a Colonel in Dubai Police. 

“Dimensions of Money Laundering” will be available at some of the leading libraries around the world and in the UAE, through Lambert Academic Publishing.