British Council to Host English Language Training (ELT) Tour Featuring 12 UK Universities on May 8 in Dubai

Globally, one in seven is said to be learning English, and around 750 million people use it regularly
Dubai, UAE, 6th May 2014 – The British Council, the United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities, estimates that globally one in seven peopleis learning English and around 750 million people use it regularly.

These estimates were releasedduring the British Council’s announcement of its English Language Training (ELT) tour which will be held in Park Regis Hotel in Dubai on Thursday May 8. The tour will feature more than 12 UK universities targeting schools and individual candidates.
Marc Jessel, British Council Country Director, said: “Dedicated sessions for schools will take place from 10am to 12 noon and an open session will be held from 5pm to 9pm. The main objective of the tour is to raisethe proficiency of English language among those who need it in their liveson the strength of it being the global language of business, diplomacy, communications, transport, science and IT, among other sectors.”
He added: “We are glad that most of the decision making organisations here value the role ofthe Englishlanguage and facilitate the process of learningit,as they are aware of the connection between studying English and building a skilled workforce.”
Mr. Jessel commented: “Against this background, it is not surprising thatpeople are searching forsuitable English language teachinginstitutions, either for themselves or  their children. We believe this tour will go a long way in addressing their requirements.”
The British Council recommends that learners choose a course conducted by an organisationthat is accredited, in order to ensure highest standards and maximum efficacy of the learning process.
Heexplained: “The aim of this tour is to develop the level in English among people. We offer a variety of courses offline and online. The tour will allow our students explore the exciting learning opportunities British Council offers to improve English Language skills.”
Some of the participants in the tour include University of Leeds, Cavendish School of English, Cambridge Regional College, Kingston College, University of Worcester Language Centre, Alpha Omega College, Harrow College, The University of Sheffield, Guildford College of Further & Higher Education, York Associates, Capital School of English (Bournemouth) and English UK.
“Enhancing English language skills allows our students to tap greater opportunities in life professionally and personally,”Mr. Jessel added.
The British Council contributes to the economic development of businesses in the region through English.As a world authority in the English language,the British Council works across a wide range of English teaching and assessment services, as well as with ministries of education to improve the English language teaching in education institutions around the world.
The ELT tour demonstrates the British Council’s commitment to supportingthe journey of learning of English in the UAE. We expect a good response to the tour and look forward to fruitful interaction with learners and representatives from learning institutions, and this will contribute to the betterment of learning of English in the UAE,” Mr. Jessel said.